Pi, the Magic Number of Circles

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Are you in Pi? The question is actually: is your birthday in Pi? Is your friend in Pi? Well, lets say you were born June 21 82. Then enter 62182, or maybe 062182, or 210682 and find out if youre in Pi. Youll know in a second.

Dont know if youre in Pi??? Its time you find out.

π (pronounced pi) is the ratio of a circles circumference to its diameter. Simple, sure, but π is a mystery!

Scientists throughout the ages have wondered why such a simple and important relationship, that of a circles circumference to its diameter, can not be expressed easily but instead is a mysterious decimal number with an infinite number of decimal places. Some have wondered whether there might be a hidden message among all those decimal places.

With this app you can find out if any of the numbers that occur in your life are among the first 1 million (one million) decimal places of Pi, and if so, on what decimal place. Find out if your birthday is there, or your phone number, or postal code, lottery number, salary, etc. Or search for your friends numbers. Look, look and look up any numbers at any time.

You can also just browse through all the decimals in order to see if you can spot any patterns. Press a button and you get served a page with over 26 000 lines and 38 digits in each. You can copy a few lines and paste into an email.
Of course the number 42 occurs in π. But did you know that 424242 is also there, and in a remarkable way? According to a computer in the trilogy Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, 42 is the final answer to everything. Hence its natural that 42 has an interesting and highly mysterious relation to Pi.
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